• photobombing
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    The Worst And Funniest Selfie Fails That The Internet Has To Offer

    Selfies are just great? You don’t have to rely on somebody else’s camera skills to get a good picture and also you can do that...

  • Cats Took Better Selfies Than Human
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    10+ Times Cats Took Better Selfies Than Human

    You have seen them everywhere: Clogging your Facebook, covering your Instagram feed, taking over your Twitter. Selfies are that Web users cannot cure. Every minute...

  • fake-photoshopped-social-media-images-kanahoooo-china-192-594274eb38d84__700
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    The Perfect Reason Why You Should Never Trust Photos On Social Media Revealed By Photoshop Master

    Looks can be ‘Deceptive’ yes sure why can’t! but looks can be even more deceptive with selfie cameras but hold on, with the help of...

  • 15275608_232054013887407_677999405588021248_n-58bec6aa6790e__700
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    Women Shares The Happiest Family Selfie Ever Right After The C-Section

    Giving birth can be painful and exhausting, but there is nothing more satisfying than the moment when you hold your baby in your hands. Thaise...

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    Monkey should get rights to his selfies taken by him, says PeTA

    source A monkey named naruto, accidentally took a selfie of himself from camera owned by photographer David j slater, who and his company claims copyright...

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