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    The White Stuff In Bird Poop Is Not Their Poop, It’s Their Pee

    Humans and most of the animals all make brown poop, but as you all have noticed that birds produce white or black poop. Have you ever...

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    People With Brown Eyes Actually Have Blue Eyes Under A Layer

    Let’s get started with why some people have Blue Eyes? Your eyes aren’t blue (or green) since they contain pigmented cells, but instead because of...

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    Why Do American Girls Like Indian Guys So Much?

    This can be a big debate as to whether white girls like Indian guys or not, there are women who hate Indians but hold on...

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    See what your eye colour tells about your personality.

    There was a research conducted by scientists at orebro university in sweden and about 428 individuals took part in research. The purpose of the study...

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    Why Do White Women Loves To Hook Up Or Date Black Men

    Black skin seems more sensuous in the viewpoint of hot white women, the black skin is more lush, thick and sensuous. source Of course many...

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