Post Guidelines


 The title should be short(10-15) words clear and interesting. First letter of the words in title should  be capital.

While writing Story the first image and its Title is the featured image and title of your story respectively, if you want to add the Featured image inside the post as well then upload the image twice. Don’t write any description for the featured image, but provide interesting one liner Titles and add description of  images inside the post wherever necessary. Always use High Quality images please don’t upload any images that contains nudity and violence.
For uploading videos add YouTube url in Embed URL box, please note that you only have to add the video url of the youtube video don’t add the embeded code link in the box. You can also embed videos from different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Vine and Dailymotion.
Try to be as interesting, creative and funny as possible. Description should be in form of a story, short and straight to the point. Avoid long tiring description. You are not allowed to make any grammatical and spelling errors. Read your script twice once you write it. Give Credits and place links in the text using hyperlinks while mentioning a important person, community or a organization. ​Write your own story in your way don’t just copy and paste.
Tags: ​
Mention at least 4-5 proper keywords of the story in this section.
Category: ​
Choose proper category according to the theme of your story. By default story, image and video goes to their default story, image and video category, but you have to a specific category according to your content.
Credits are most important factor in writing a story.You must mention the image and video source and give due courtesy to the originator of content wherever possible.Try to give credits to each image and video to avoid any copyrighting issues.
You can embed posts from facebook, instagram, twitter and other platforms just simply add the embed in the url box so you give your story a higher level standard.

Don’t forget to place links in your story of other Madspread stories if your story have any related keywords that can be linked to other Madspread stories please link them so that your story have a good SEO.

Points that should be kept in mind while Posting content:
  • If you are submitting a single image or video please provide a description of at least 40-50 words. Single images and videos having less description then 40-50 words will not be accepted.
  • You must mention the image and video source and give due courtesy to the originator of content.
  • Always use High Quality images please don’t upload any images that contains nudity and violence.
  • ​ Avoid any type of material that can be refered as mean, hateful, towards  any group, community or religion.
  • Try to be original write your own thoughts and strict no copy and paste.
  • Finally the most important as our main objective to only provide you fun, knowledge and laughter don’t post anything that contains negativity.
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