You want to make a Youtube video or a Blog video to inform your visitors on different ‘How To’s’ but you don’t have expensive camera and other equipment for making a professional video, like say, on this exact topic How To Create Professional Looking Videos With Your Smartphone.?

Also investing in costly cameras and accessories and if you don’t know how to use them, is a big gamble because you to hire someone every time you make video.

Create Professional Looking Videos With Your Smartphone

Social and Blog videos are an essential part of marketing in today’s age of social media and digital marketing.

So why don’t we use the most easiest way – ‘The Smartphone’ in your pocket can be used as a efficient video making camera and you can even make professional looking videos just using your phone.

Before we jump to video making make sure you have these things – a smartphone with a decent megapixel camera, a tripod or anything that keeps your phone fixed, a recording audio device, a nice and clean place for shooting.

Create Professional Looking Videos With Your Smartphone

Just follow this instructions and you will be a pro in shooting videos from your phone.

1. Find the right place

Find a place in your home, office or in your garden that is quiet, well lit and where you feel comfortable. If you have a clean wall that is white or a solid color that you can stand or sit in front of, this can be the perfect place to deliver your message while looking like you are in a professional studio.

2. Make the place even more quiet

Close all windows and doors. Turn off any fans, heaters or other noises in the room. If you have many family members, try to shoot when they are not at home, so you aren’t distracted.

If you are shooting outdoor then make sure the place should not be close to any road, without any background noise of trucks driving by or any crowded area, it should be quiet with good scenery behind your back.


3. Keep your phone Steady

Stabilizers, tripods and camera cages allow you to keep your smartphone or mobile device still when taking a video with it, they have perfect handles to accomplish this.

If a smartphone tripod or stabilizer is a little too costly or not practical for you in your circumstances, you can rest your phone on other physical supports like tables, chairs, desks, shelves, etc.

4. Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in video making and can be the biggest curdle in your video making, everyone struggles with it. Proper lighting has a huge impact on smartphone cameras because they have smaller image sensors and lenses.

Check for lighting, bright enough that you can see yourself but not so bright that you look washed out. Be careful not to point the camera directly at bright light sources. If the light is still making it tough to shoot your video try working with back-lighting and white balance settings if your phone or app provides them. Most phones also offer “touch focusing” in the event your camera is focusing on the wrong area of your composition.

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5. Audio setting

The built-in microphone in most smartphones are of low quality. It is very common to catch wind and unnecessary environmental noise that will compete with or drown out any important audio while shooting video, if you are not shooting in a quiet place.

Most professionals use external audio devices for separate audio recording that they can add into the video after editing. For great quality videos with superb audio, you should get an external recording device or at least a directional microphone that will work with your smartphone.


6. Avoid Vertical Video 

Stop shooting vertical video, people often make this huge mistake who use their smartphones for digital filmmaking, they hold their phones vertically. Hold your phone horizontally so that videos played back on other screens virtually everywhere will look fine.

7. Try other Mobile Apps

The default camera app on your smartphone may not be as good as you think! they don’t offer many features, so if your phone is lacking so features that you want, then you can use some third party apps with great features for those new to developing video content while some others unlock professional-like features. There are many free and paid apps that you can try.

8. Prepare

Write down the main key points of the video on a Note and place the note anywhere above, below or on side ways but close to camera of the phone or on the stand. This will help you to remember what you are going to say while also helping you to look in the right place while filming.


Before you begin recording your videos, make sure that you have all of the gear, props, scripts, actors and shooting locations ready to go. Additionally, make sure your phone is charged and that you have enough storage space to store the footage in – high definition (HD) or Full (FHD).

9. Test

Now that you have all settled and ready to go, Shoot a 5 t0 10-second test before you begin shooting the video and make sure everything is working fine.


10. Shoot

Shoot a 2-5 minute loud and clear video that quickly and concisely conveys a smart, easy and fun message, without any distortions. Edit it if you want to make any changes or you can directly share it the social platforms.

While sharing the video on social media you can add a title and description. Use the Google Keyword Tool to create an SEO friendly title and keyword rich tags, so you increase the search results for your video.

If you have an iPhone then check out these cool video shooting accessories for iPhone.

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