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4. Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier

This famous urban legend about time travel is that of “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier and the Plejarens. He claims he was first contacted by alien figures at the age of five, in 1942, and maintained regular contact throughout his life.


Swiss-born Meier was abducted by a race of aliens called the Plejaren from the Pleiades star cluster who decided to take him on a journey through time and even had photographs to prove it.


Back in the 1970s, Meier claimed that these friendly time-traveling aliens took him to prehistoric Earth where he witnessed dinosaurs as well as the ancient surface of Mars.

While on Mars he was, he has also introduced to Jmmaneul — the actual Jesus. However, his time-traveling snaps turned out to be a creatively decorated garbage lid with blurry images taken from contemporary books and TV shows.


The dinosaurs were blurry shots of illustrations from a book called Life Before Man. And the pretty Plejaren girls? Photos that Meier had taken of dancers from The Dean Martin Show on his TV screen.

5. Hakan Nordkvist

While fixing the plumbing of his home, Nordkvist slipped through a wormhole in time and was suddenly confronted by an older version of himself. The two talked. They compared tattoos. They bonded. And Nordkvist happened to have his phone with him filmed it on his phone because he knew no one will believe him. Reportedly, it was all part of an advertising campaign by an insurance company to promote the benefits of pension plans.  The story was a marketing campaign promoting the pension plans of the insurance company AMF.

6. Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain

In 1901, two women, both academics from Britain, decided to take a holiday to France and visit the famously tremendous stomping grounds of the queen at Versailles. They experienced a strange event on a casual stroll through the gardens of Versailles. Which was later known as the Moberly–Jourdain incident.

Charlotte Anne Moberly

The women spent the next decade researching every detail from their trip, finally concluding that they experienced a time slip.

After completing the tour of the Palace of Versailles, they decided to take a stroll through the Petit Trianon. The Petit Trianon is a small chateau within its premises that was given by King Louis XVI to his new wife Queen Marie Antoinette as her private special sanctuary. Somehow they missed the right turn and entered into an unknown lane.

Aerial views of the Petit Trianon

But there was something usual in this lane they felt a difference in the air everything suddenly looked unnatural and unpleasant.

Eleanor Jourdain

They kept walking and encountered some strange people on the way. They saw dignified officials, dressed in ‘long greyish-green coats’ with small three-cornered hats. They saw a cottage with a woman and a girl standing in a doorway, the woman was holding out a jug to the girl just like a painting.

The winding path took Moberly and Jourdain over a rustic bridge and through an arbor, then across a meadow with long grass. Finally, they reached a lady sitting on a terrace sketching in a light summer dress, with long hair beneath a white hat. But on looking closer she looked exactly like Marie Antoinette after remembering a portrait of her she had seen in an exhibition.

After many years they finally decided to write their experiences in a book using pseudonyms as they did not want to tarnish the reputations that they had earned over decades of teaching.

In 1911, Moberly and Jourdain published a book entitled An Adventure, under the names of “Elizabeth Morison” and “Frances Lamont”. Their book describes their visit to the Petit Trianon, where they claimed they saw ghosts including Marie Antoinette and others.

So that’s it we could have written about more people who claimed to travel in time. But there a Youtube channel like apextv dedicated to this nonsense where there are hundreds of videos of people who claim to travel in time without showing their face. FYI all fake, what do you think of these claims? lets us know in the comments.

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