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Today audiences have unlimited viewing choices. With the advent of online streaming services that are available at affordable subscription prices, one can indulge themselves in a variety of genres of movies and spend leisure time bingeing the desirable stuff.

Netflix has successfully managed to have the most varied and diversified collection of movies, tv shows, documentaries. Netflix undoubtedly has the biggest collection of movies and TV shows one could ever find. But there are few things you won’t find on Netflix and that few things are on Amazon Prime.

Unlike the NSFW movies on Netflix, Amazon doesn’t have a “Steamy” category to narrow down your search. In fact, there are no sub-categories at all. If you want to search on Amazon, you have to search by genre and nothing else. Unlike Netflix, Amazon currently doesn’t have any streaming movies we could find that feature unsimulated sex. However, there’s plenty of almost-porn to be found.

Amazon Prime’s streaming platform is best known for some of its original series, but the movie collection is impressive too. Nestled in among the hundreds of titles are some NSFW movies for when you’re in the mood for something sexy.

As far as Amazon Prime is concerned, although the content is a little lesser in numbers compared to Netflix, we still managed to find most of the Sexiest movies to watch on Amazon Prime. While some of these movies can be considered as lesser-known gems. We bring to you the sexiest, dirtiest movies to watch on Amazon Prime.

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Here are some of the sexiest movies to watch on Amazon Prime.

1. When Night Is Falling (1995)

Camille is a professor at a religious college who finds herself slowly falling in love with Petra, a circus performer she meets on the street one night. Struggling with her sexuality, and religious job, Camille’s journey is as thoughtful as it is erotic.

2. Bound

If you watched the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy then you will love this film. Bound stars Charisma Carpenter as Michelle Mulan, the daughter of a wealthy real estate broker who’s introduced to the world of BDSM by a younger man (Bryce Draper).

3. Obsession(2015) (Rendez-Vous)


Moving to the countryside was supposed to bring Simone’s family closer together. Instead, Simone finds herself in an increasingly passionate affair with a handsome handyman. Amazon is streaming the unrated version of the film.

4. Disobedience

The film follows a woman (Rachel Weisz) who returns to the community that shunned her years earlier after it was discovered that she was attracted to her female childhood friend (Rachel McAdams). This movie features one of the hottest sex scenes of all time.

5. Stripped to Kill (1987)

This ’80s classic sees a smoking hot detective take a job at a strip club to uncover a serial killer.

6. Body Of Evidence


This controversial 1993 film doesn’t feature numerous graphic sex scenes. Madonna’s infamous 1992 erotic thriller Body of Evidence isn’t good, but it’s certainly memorable for its sex scenes. Starring Willem Dafoe, Julianne Moore, Joe Mantegna, and Madonna, the movie tells the story of a woman accused of killing a man via sex.

7.Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends

The 2016 movie Friends Effing Fiends Effing Friends is described as a “post-modern romantic comedy.” The film follows the fallout of an unexpected threesome between friends. The intermingled themes of love and friendship.

8.Lady Chatterley’s Lover (1982)

This 80’s classic has full-frontal nudity. This 1982 film controversial plot is about a woman who takes a lover when her husband is left impotent by an injury. The best thing about the movie is the 80s style vintage sex scenes.

9. Private Lessons 2 (1994)

A bored fashion photographer rediscovers her sensual side with the aid of her hot chauffeur. It has some imaginative and shockingly explicit sex scenes.

10. Road House

Road House sees a mysterious bouncer come to a small town to stop crime and save a bar. Road House is a violent blend of sexual tension and sweaty shirtless bar fights with erotic scenes.

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