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  • Alexina graham model
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    Alexina Graham-The First Redhead Victoria’s Secret Angel

    Alexina Graham was born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Alexina has been working in the modeling business for 11 years. Graham began her modeling career in 2008...

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  • Samsung Galaxy Fold
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    Robots Test Samsung Galaxy Fold To Prove Its Durability In This Oddly Satisfying Video

    When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold, the smartphone you can fold up like a piece of paper, last year, the company introduced a new type...

  • perfect breasts
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    This Is How “Perfect Breast” Looks, According To Science

    All boobs are great. Big boobs, small boobs, uneven boobs, round boobs, sideways boobs, they all are great unless they are natural. But that is...

  • Girls In And Out Of Uniforms
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    Badass Girls In And Out Of Their Uniforms Part 2

    Since the beginning, society has created and perpetuated a false division where women are considered as soft and sweet, meant for doing household works. They...

  • Unaired Episodes Mythbusters
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    10 Unaired Episodes Of The Mythbusters That Did Not Make It To The TV Screens

    Mythbusters ended in 2017 and it was the ending of an era. After Mythbusters premiered in 2003, it became probably the most famous shows on...

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    Alyson Tabbitha-The Cosplayer Who Can Turn Herself Literally Into Anyone

    Alyson Tabbitha is a master at epic transformations via cosplay and crossplay. She frequently flips her real-life self into her favorite fantasy characters. There’s literally no...

  • Demi Rose Mawby Sexy
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    Demi Rose Mawby’s Hottest Jaw Dropping Pictures

    Demi Rose Mawby was born on March 27, 1995, in the British city of Birmingham. The girl is of British and Colombian ethnicity. Rose dreamed...

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  • Zero Fucks Coins
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    “Zero Fucks Coins” Allow You To Give Zero Fucks To Anyone

    Have you ever tried to give Zero Fucks about something but unfortunately the words just weren’t enough? Well, now you have the opportunity to turn that...

  • photobombing
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    The Worst And Funniest Selfie Fails That The Internet Has To Offer

    Selfies are just great? You don’t have to rely on somebody else’s camera skills to get a good picture and also you can do that...

  • Man playing guitar with hands on fire
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    Badass Guitarist Performs Solo With His Hands On Fire

    This is a video of musician Davidlap performing an electric guitar solo while wearing a pair of gloves he designed that allow him to play with...

  • Fish brain USB
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    A Flash Drive Made To Look Like You’re Storing Data On A Fish’s Brain

    Ever heard of a USB drive that uses a fish’s brain to store data? The fish brain USB drive was described as having multiple electronic components...

  • Dick Map
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    Girl Has Been Running In Dick Formation For Years And The Level Of Perfection Is Mindblowing

    Claire of New Jersey is a passionate runner whose weird art form has caught everyone’s attention. She runs a lot and creates maps that draw the...

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