This Is What Happens When You Have Sex Every Single Day For A Year

Brittany Gibbons decided to spice up her sex life by deciding to have sex every single day for a year!.

After having her third child and gaining some weight, the pressures of family life and no longer feeling sexy, she decided to take up this challenge.


Gibbons said to Good Housekeeping:

“I kept the lights off during sex, hid my stomach and boobs inside a camisole, and I waited for my husband to leave the bedroom before barrelling from the shower to my closet to get dressed.”

A friend of hers claimed to have had sex every day since she got married, and sparked the idea in Gibbons to try it for a year.

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Initially she got a lot of questions in her mind. “No, it was not with 365 men. It was with one, my husband,” she said.

“Yes, even while I was on my period. I have no idea what my kids were doing while we were having sex. I assume not watching us. And finally, no, I didn’t do it to save my marriage I did it to save myself, the effect it had on my marriage was merely a perk,” continued Gibbons.


“I could have an actual conversation with my husband and know he was listening to me and not secretly watching television or elbow deep in Lego assembly,” she revealed.

She claims that after six months, she stopped wearing a camisole to bed, and began feeling comfortable wearing just underwear around the house. Gibbons’s relationship with her husband grew stronger and more romantic.


“It took a lot of talking to make him realize that me not feeling sexy was not an attack on him, and him being hurt about it only made me feel worse. I wanted to enjoy sex, too,” Gibbons revealed.

“And the key for me being able to enjoy it is feeling confident and gorgeous, and that was a me journey, not a him journey, though having a cheerleader on the sidelines was a plus.”

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