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    Man Tells Us How It Was Like To Lose His Virginity To A Teddy Bear

    One man from the UK, says he knows a friend who has had sex with a melon. While he himself has not experimented with food...

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    Man loses His Virginity To An Alien And Had Hundreds Of Alien Kids

    David Huggins, 74, is a divorced father-of-one and part-time deli counter worker in Hoboken, New Jersey. And he claims to have lost his virginity to a...

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    10 Ridiculous Myths About Virginity We Need To Stop Believing In Right Now

    Popping your cherry or defloration or whatever you can call it, is what  referred to us as the concept of virginity. Virginity is the most robust...

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    Average Age Of Loosing Virginity In Indian

    The Austrians loose it as early as at 17.3 years and the Americans at 18 years. The people in Asian countries lose their virginity at...

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