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    Monkeys Understands The ‘Concept Of Money’ And Uses It For Sex And Food-First Recorded Incident Of Monkey Prostitution

    A study was carried out on the Capuchin Monkey to teach them the concept of money and a little bit about Economics. They were taught to buy fruit and Jell-O by means of silver discs used as currency. The monkeys understood and followed this. They were observed budgeting and following the same laws of economics...
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    Monkey should get rights to his selfies taken by him, says PeTA

    source A monkey named naruto, accidentally took a selfie of himself from camera owned by photographer David j slater, who and his company claims copyright Ownership of the selfies. Washington: The copyright ownership fight over a world-famous ‘monkey selfie’, taken by a black macaque after pressing a button on a camera owned by a wildlife...