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    Russian Fisherman Reveals The Most Terrifying Creatures Of The Deep Sea

    The deep sea is terrifying. Less than 0.05 percent of the ocean floor has been mapped to any significant detail. There are many mysterious creatures in the deep sea that are yet to be discovered. Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov’s twitter account is flooded with photos of the most bizarre deep sea beings ever. The man...
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    Most creative and funny bras..

    Chopstick Bra was created by Triumph International Japan to promote the use of reusable chopsticks. The Solar-powered Bra generates enough electricity to power an iPod or keep a mobile phone charged. The Hand palm bra The Bacon Bra The Golden Bra, worth  US$1.9 Million The Bird Bra The Goldfish Bra A USB Keyboard Bra, designed...