Smelling Your Partner’s Farts Actually Has Many Health Benefits

Trust me, there is nothing more satisfying than farting – when you are holding it for a long time. Some people hate fating and also hates people who fart, but at the end of the day everyone does farts at some point in their life.


And now it has health benefits too, farts – those funny sounding and smelly things that emit from your glorious behind – will amazingly make you live longer.


The study, published in the journal Medicinal Chemistry Communications, analysed the impact of the gas hydrogen sulfide which humans produce in small amounts.

Hydrogen sulfide is one of a number of potent smelly gases produced by bacteria as it breaks down food in the gut.

It is toxic in large doses but in tiny amounts it helps protect cells and fight illness.

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Professor Matt Whiteman from University of Exeter’s medical school said:

‘When cells become stressed by disease, they draw in enzymes to generate minute quantities of hydrogen sulfide.

‘This keeps the mitochondria ticking over and allows cells to live. If this doesn’t happen, the cells die and lose the ability to regulate survival and control inflammation.

‘We have exploited this natural process by making a compound, called AP39, which slowly delivers very small amounts of this gas specifically to the mitochondria.

‘Our results indicate that if stressed cells are treated with AP39, mitochondria are protected and cells stay alive.’

Before it can be tested on humans, researchers have run disease models to see how effective AP39 is.

Early results show that it can help up to 80 per cent more mitochondria survive highly destructive conditions such as cardiovascular disease.


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One of the researchers, Dr. Mark Wood, said:

“Although hydrogen sulfide is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally produced in the body and could in fact be a healthcare hero.”

Surprisingly the gas in farts can actually reduce the risk of several life threatening illnesses including cancer, stroke and heart attacks.

According to researchers, it has also been proven to prevent arthritis and dementia in old age.


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