Rental boyfriend and girlfriend culture in china and japan


The intense social pressure to marry early in the country has seen many bachelors bringing home colleagues and friends as ‘girlfriends’ to meet their parents.

Now, that social trend has become a growing business on mobile apps with girls offering escort services for a fee.

many singletons brought home colleagues or friends as pretend ‘girlfriends’ or ‘boyfriends’ to dodge their parent’s questions for another year.

But the increasingly widespread phenomenon has created an emerging market of renting ‘boyfriends’ or ‘girlfriends’ through social media apps such as WeChat, the Chinese equivalent to WhatsApp.

Individuals would rent themselves according to a set fee for social scenarios such as dinner, shopping trips or meeting the parents.

According to the national census, around 675 million people were born in China between 1980, when the one-child policy was introduced, and 2014.

The average ratio of male to female was 114.7 to 100, meaning that over the 34 years, there’s over 30 million more boys born than girls.

In the crowded Chinese marriage market, women are suddenly in short supply while many more men, especially those from the poorest backgrounds, will face a lifetime of being single.

There has already been growing trend of bachelor villages where men cannot afford to marry as well as those who take wives from neighbouring countries such as Vietnam.


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