Monkey should get rights to his selfies taken by him, says PeTA


A monkey named naruto, accidentally took a selfie of himself from camera owned by photographer David j slater, who and his company claims copyright
Ownership of the selfies.

Washington: The copyright ownership fight over a world-famous ‘monkey selfie’, taken by a black macaque after pressing a button on a camera owned by a wildlife photographer four years ago in Indonesia, has now reached the federal court.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) has filed a lawsuit in San Francisco against photographer David J Slater and his company, which both claim copyright ownership of the selfies.
The lawsuit demands to direct all proceeds from the famous monkey selfie to Naruto, the macaque, itself.

If this lawsuit succeeds, it will be the first time that a non-human will be declared the owner of property, rather than being declared a piece of property himself or herself.



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