Man Tells Us How It Was Like To Lose His Virginity To A Teddy Bear

One man from the UK, says he knows a friend who has had sex with a melon. While he himself has not experimented with food items, he does claim that he lost his virginity to a Teddy Bear!

He reveals that when he was 10 or 11 years old, he cut a hole between the legs of a stuffed bear and inserted his willy.

However, he claims the experience was not what he was expecting, and says that the act left a lot of “bear fluff” on his private parts, which proved somewhat difficult to dispose of.

The bear was indeed a female, saying that her name was Polly, but sadly Polly had to be discarded after the sexual encounter.

While sex with his teddy was not great, the man still maintains that it wasn’t the worst sex he’s ever had.



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