Man caught his young wife in bed with his son!

Man caught his young wife with his son in bed and now she is pregnant



Its like watching porn movie where we see a lot of these things happening, teens hook up with step moms,sisters and brothers, but this time it happens to be real.Its basically considered as a taboo.

The Husband Wrote

I came home early one day to discover my wife in bed with my 24-year-old son from my first marriage – and now she’s going to have his baby.

I have my own electrical repairs business and this particular afternoon I found my last customer was out so I decided to call it a day and go home.



No one seemed to be in there at first, so I went upstairs to shower and change. Then I found my wife and son at it in our marital bed. Devastated hardly covers how I felt.

I am 46 and this is my third marriage.

My son’s mother left me and my son when he was just seven so I have raised him, though he has always been a handful.

I remarried when he was ten but that marriage ended bitterly two years ago.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I met a beautiful young woman from Lithuania who I thought loved me. We got married last year.

She is 26 and she and my son seemed to get on well, lots of joking around, but I had no idea how well. Now my new wife says she is pregnant and is determined to keep the baby.



There is no chance it could be mine as my wife has been telling me she had a problem which meant we couldn’t have sex recently.

My son has moved in with a friend while he and my wife look for a place of their own where they plan to raise the child as a couple.



While she has made it clear there is no way back for us, to be honest I would not even want her back after the way she has betrayed me.

I don’t know if I can ever forgive my son for what he has done to me.

I still love him but I just don’t know how I can face him again, let alone forgive him for this.


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