Is It Ok To Sleep With Someone On The First Date?

When is the right time to sleep with someone in a relationship? How can you tell when it’s right to sleep with someone after only one date?

These are the questions that crosses everyone’s mind, so when is the best time to sleep with someone in a relationship? lets find out that with the help of experts.

Relationship expert and Millionaire Matchmaker, Louanne Ward believes it can be ‘risky business’ to build a relationship based on sexual feelings alone.


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The coach believes it is not the best idea to start a sexual relationship based purely off of sexual attraction and chemistry.


“Relationships are very easy to get into when they are based on sexual chemistry but they are often very hard to get out of,” Ward said.


‘It’s immature to expect a relationship to blossom where sex is the driving motivator.’

Louanne said in some instances sleeping with someone on the first date can work as it can be an effective way to get close to someone without using words.

“There is the benefit of knowing what you’re getting as a sexual connection between two people is just as important as an emotional, mental and spiritual connection,” Ward continued.


Ward captioned that it might be tempting to ‘live in the moment’ this might not always be the best thing, especially if both parties are unclear about whether or not a relationship could develop.

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‘Males and females have very different emotional responses to sex. A woman can often feel a much deeper emotional attachment through the act of making love.’


“Nobody really knows where something is going as it’s simply a hypothetical attempt at predicting the future,” she continued. “If someone sees you as relationship material, if, and when, you sleep with them isn’t going to alter their decision.”


“On hearing this, a more emotionally evolved person will often take it as a warning sign that they are potentially with an emotionally insecure person and the recipient will head for the hills.”

Ward advised those who hoped an intimate sexual connection would lead to a fulfilling relationship to wait and get to know the person better.

“If you build a relationship with the foundation of sexual chemistry, it will fizzle out as quickly as it ignited,” she said. “You need to establish a mental connection, one of respect, intimacy on an emotional level.”


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