Incredible Dazzling Night Sky Photos By Astro Photographer Brad Goldpaint

Brad Goldpaint is one of the best astrophotographer in the world – his work has been featured multiple times at NASA, National Geographic, Discover, Wired, and The Huffington Post.

A former architecture student, Goldpaint started hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail, which ranges from the Mexican border in California up to British Columbia, in 2010, after the death of his mother. Along the way, he started getting serious about photography.

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Away from the light pollution emitted by major cities, his plan was to reveal the true beauty of the stars, the moon and planets as they cast their light over natural landscapes.

Some of his images reveal the movement of stars across the night sky and are the result of using time-lapse photographic equipment.

Other photos layer up to 115 images on top of each other to highlight details not visible to the naked eye.

Mr Goldpaint, from California, told Dailymail:

‘Two great passions of mine are wilderness travel and the night sky. I am most interested in capturing inspirational elements within our natural world.

‘I discovered an escape from the concrete jungles of urban life while travelling throughout the Pacific North and South-West.

‘Two years ago I suffered the sudden loss of my mother and what I thought was meaningful work, drastically changed for me. I began to question my life and the direction I wanted to take with it.

‘I decided to put on my backpack and experience Mother Nature’s pristine finest by hiking and photographing 1,300miles of the Pacific Crest Trail.’

He added: ‘Outdoor photography soon became a daily ritual of documenting and communicating my experiences – from capturing fields of wildflowers in the Mojave Desert to vast landscapes from some of the highest peaks on the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

‘In addition, I have been known to willingly perch myself on a 1,000ft shear vertical ledge, wade in knee deep snow-melt, or sneak up dark trails with eyes staring back at me from the glare of my headlamp, to get the perfect perspective and composition for a shot.’


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