Hilarious girl high on anaesthesia cries for bigger boobs!

Drugged-up girl cries after wisdom tooth surgery because she hasn’t had a boob job

The confused patient was convinced she was undergoing cosmetic surgery – as well as having her wisdom tooth pulled out.After waking up from wisdom-tooth surgery she realised she hadn’t been given a boob job at the same time.
Shelby sobs: “Yeah, but I want them. I want her boobs.”

Her mum continues to laugh at her daughter.The woman, named only as Shelby, from Washington, was very confused after her anaesthetic and was convinced that she would have been undergoing cosmetic surgery at the same time as her original dental procedure.

Shelby adds: “I can barely fill a B cup,” before accusing the dentist of “false advertisement”.

She then moves on to talk about her friend’s chest size, noting: “Michelle has big boobs .”

Her mum replies: “Her boobs are fake aren’t they?




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