Introducing “Crotch” Jewellery The “Beachtail” Sexy Charms For The Bikini Crotch

In this bizarre fashion era everything is possibly wearable, just have a look at ‘Lady Gaga’ for a reference. There is ‘crotch’ jewelry now available in the market Known as the ‘Beachtail’, this statement piece from Japanese jewellery company Bodivas hangs from bikini bottoms and dangles awkwardly between your thighs.

The chains contain gems that hang down from your legs and can also be worn with underwear, G-strings and shorts, as well as bikini briefs.

The chains are about 7.5cms long and range in price from $19.50 to $22.50. BoDivas also make other body jewellery, including nipple rings known as “Nipple Noose” and clitoris clips. The company stresses that they can be worn in private or public.

Call it a bizarre or extremely innovative sexy piece of jewelry that might heat up your senses, you can’t resist to have a look at this.

More info: AmazonBodivas


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