17 funny and common facts about Indian TV serials


Indian television serials have some things in common, these are the true things that can only happen in Indian TV serials.

1. Always Fashionable

The women in Indian TV serials love wearing heavy jewelries and saris all the time, 24×7, regardless of the situation whether she is sleeping, screaming or mourning.

2. Immortal

Indian TV serials have discovered the elixir of long life. Here even your granny’s granny can attend your wedding. With so many generations living together calculating the ‘reel’ life ages of actors is confusing.

3. Never Tired of Marrying and Divorcing

The couples are madly in love but they cannot marry each other. They end up marry other people. They divorce. Marry their ex lovers. Again Divorce. Again Remarry. The saga continues.

4. Dress According to Character

Clothes are a symbol of character. Saintly women are more traditional, whereas the evil women wear contemporary saris, daring blouses and chic jewelry.

5. It is a Women’s World

Indian TV serials are the only place where women outnumber men. Here the sex ratio is remarkably in favor of women. With 4 to 6 women for every male character there is nothing to worry about declining female population.

6. Either Saintly and Foolish or Evil and Clever

In Indian TV serials you cannot be intelligent and saintly at the same time.

7. The Good Always Loses the Home

If you are a saintly person you will definitely lose your home.

8. Become a Servant in Your Own Home

As if becoming homeless was not enough, you have to work as a servant in your own home.

9. Conspire Loudly

Conspire loudly with all your doors and windows open so that your enemy can eavesdrop. Of course you have to be foolish and saintly to hatch a useless plot against your evil but intelligent enemy.

10. Lose Your Memory and Regain It Suddenly

Treatment is not needed for curing dementia. The lead character will lose his/her memory and will regain it suddenly, both the incidents triggered by the evil plots of the female villain.

11.They don’t need police help

The bahus on Indian television are even smarter than Sherlock. They can solve anything whether anyone is kidnapped or murdered.

12.The girl gets pregnant without even touching

Indian TV serial girls have extraordinary power of getting pregnant without having sex. The girl comes in and says…I am pregnant! and the funny part is the boy doesn’t even remembers the night when he was with her in bed and believes her and finally forced to marry her.

13.There’s always missing family member

A missing or kidnapped kid returns home after many years unknowingly, then the other family members finds that he or she is their son, daughter, brother or sister.

14.No specific genre

Indian TV serial don’t have any genre they show the widest range of possibilities. A serial may have supernatural, spiritual, criminal, horror, comedy, action, romantic and endless genres.

15.The “Dead” always return

The characters and people in Indian TV serial can return back even if they are dead. The good or evil always fakes their deaths and returns with a surprise with a spirit of revenge.

16.Forced marriages

Despite the couple are madly in love, the evil creates misunderstanding between the couple and then they didn’t want to marry each other, but under some circumstance they forcefully marry each other and then they decide not to have sex then the boy sleeps on floor and the girl on bed until they again fall in love.

17.Age difference between husband and wife

Young girl because of family condition and poverty marries a man literally double of her age. The girl hates the man for years and takes care of his children and finally they start loving each other after getting frustrated for not having sex for years.


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